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  • Inflatable Altitude Chamber

    Sleep or Train in our heavy-duty portable, inflatable Altitude Chambers The 8' x 8' x 8' Inflatable Altitude Chamber is... $2,450.00Free Shipping! Add to cart
  • Altitude Training Mask Package

    Altitude Generator / Hypoxicator Specs & Features The Altitude Training Mask Package comes with everything needed for both active exercise... $2,599.00Free Shipping! Select options
  • Altitude Canopy Package

    Altitude Canopy Package – What’s Included? E-100 Altitude Generator Single-User Altitude Canopy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Custom Climbing/Mountaineering Training Protocol Everything... $2,699.00Free Shipping! Select options
  • Bedroom Altitude Tent

    Altitude Tent Package

    The Complete Altitude Tent Sleeping Package includes everything you need for Sleeping at High Elevations. Package includes: E-100 Altitude Generator... $2,699.00Free Shipping! Select options
  • Hypoxic machine lowers the oxygen

    Sleep, Exercise, IHB Package

    The Complete Altitude Training Package includes everything you need for all 3 training methods (sleep at altitude, training at altitude,... $2,749.00Free Shipping! Select options

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