High Altitude Chambers

What’s a High Altitude Chamber?

A High Altitude Chamber is a pre-fabricated, air-tight chamber that is made of aluminum framing and either vinyl or a clear, hard plastic called polycarbonate.  Paired with either our High-Flow Altitude Equipment or with multiple E-100 Altitude Generators/Hypoxicators, we can install our altitude chambers around any existing stationary training equipment.  We have standard sizes available but can also custom design a chamber to any specific dimensions or fit any particular number of users. Requiring no construction, the high quality panels are easily erected in any location and do NOT take up any additional floor space. The Altitude Chambers are also modular so you can increase the size of your altitude chamber at a later date.

How do I select an Altitude Chamber?

We first have to answer the following questions:

1) how many people do you want inside the chamber at the same time?

2) What are the dimensions of the space needed for preferred equipment or number of intended users?

Based on the volume of your chamber, we then match the appropriate altitude air system and take into account any specific requirements such as required time to altitude or the desired time to go between different altitudes.

Altitude Chamber Specifications

  • Vinyl / Poly-carb Insert with Aluminum Framing
  • Air-Lock design maintains a constant oxygen level within the chamber
  • Custom built for any size/dimensions/# of users
  • Altitude Equipment flow-rates start at 400 liters per minute (enough for a small room/up to  4 users) and increases up to 10,000 liter/minute for larger spaces and a greater number of users (up to 50 or more).
  • Altitude, humidity, hyperoxic (high-oxygen), temperature control options
  • Smartphone/PC Accessible
  • Split Air Conditioning Required

High-Flow Altitude Equipment Specifications

  • High-Flow Altitude Equipment supplies between 500 -5,000 Liters per Minute at 10.5% o2
  • Atlas Copco Compressor (10Kw to 75Kw) Included
  • 8” Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • 7-Day Time/Altitude Scheduler with Multi-Stage Safety Alarms
  • Password Protected Altitude Setting/Display Control
  • Zirconium Oxygen Monitor
  • Co2 Monitor Integration

High-Flow Altitude Equipment Safety Features

  • Password Protected Altitude Control:
    Our control panel will feature 6-digit password protection, enabling only authorized users to make modifications to time/date/altitude set-points.
  • Low Oxygen Purity Alarm, High Oxygen Purity Alarm, Electrical System Fault:
    If system recognizes abnormal feedback, our system will provide a continuous flow of sea-level (20.9%) air and the system will alarm and then revert to normoxic conditions. The alarm condition will be displayed on the screen. This will be maintained until a qualified technician identifies and rectifies the fault.
  • Safe-Mode:
    If electrical is cut to building or air system, valves automatically revert to providing sea-level air, thereby ensuring the altitude chamber will return to sea-level.
  • Internal-Check:
    If our PLC reads data significantly different than last recorded data set (2 1⁄2 standard deviation), our system automatically will return to Safe Mode.


E-100 Altitude Generator / Hypoxicator Technical Specifications

For any size Altitude Chamber, multiple E-100 Altitude Generators are required to provide sufficient Air-Flow (determined by volume & number of users)


  • Digital Controls – 120 Liters/Minute Air-Flow
  • Altitude to 20,000 ft (down to 9.5% oxygen)
  • Zero annual maintenance costs
  • Dimensions 25′′ high x 16′′ wide x 14′′ deep
  • Weight 66 Lb (30 kg)
  • 2 year limited parts & labor warranty
  • Includes expansion bag for smooth air flow
  • Sound Level 50 dB
  • Power failure and overheat alarms
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