We provide multiple chamber options at various price points. Cost is dependent on the size and number of users, which in turn determines the required air-flow rate. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Chamber Options - Customized for your specific needs

  • Plexi and Aluminium, or Inflatable Altitude Chambers available
  • Standard Sizing Chamber options for 1-4 Users (see below)
  • Fully custom, we can build a chamber to any specific dimensions
  • Altitude Chambers are paired either with multiple E-100 Generators or our Elevate High Flow Equipment Line
  • Modular, Pre-Fabricated Chambers constructed of aluminium framing and plexiglass, easy to set up and take down
  • The Inflatable Chambers set up in about 30 seconds and comes with an auto-fill pressure regulator.
  • Single-Wall, 2 or 3-Wall panels available (to enclose an existing wall or corner space)
  • Standard Sizing: 1-User 6’x8’x8′, 2-user 8’x10’x8′, 3-User 8’x12’x8′, 4-User 12’x12’x8′
Hypobaric Chamber Gym

Pre-Fab Altitude Chamber Specifications

  • Vinyl / Poly-carb Insert with Aluminum Framing
  • Air-Lock design maintains a constant oxygen level within the chamber
  • Standard Sizing Offered. Custom built for any size/dimensions/# of users
  • High Flow Altitude Equipment flow-rates start at 400 liters per minute (enough for a small room/up to  4 users) and increases up to 10,000 liter/minute for larger spaces and a greater number of users (up to 50 or more).
  • Altitude, humidity, hyperoxic (high-oxygen), temperature control options
  • Smartphone/PC Accessible
  • Split Air Conditioning Required

Inflatable Altitude Chamber Specifications

  • Inflatable Chambers are the most portable chamber available
  • Custom fabricated from durable rubber vinyl (similar material as a Bounce House)
  • Less Expensive option than a Pre-Fab Chamber, our Inflatables still come with a 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with both High and Low-Flow Equipment
  • Equipment used is determined by the size and number of users
  • Come with a auto-fill constant monitoring inflator

Altitude Equipment Options & Specs

  • Low-Flow E-100 Air Generators are paired together with a touch-screen control panel 
  • High-Flow Air System provides between 500 – 5,000 Liters per Minute of air
  • Compressor (10Kw to 75Kw) Included with High-Flow Equipment
  • 10” Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • WiFi Remote Monitoring and Control Option Available
  • 7-Day Time / Altitude Scheduler with Multi-Stage Safety Alarms
  • Password Protected Altitude Setting/Display Control
  • Zirconium Oxygen Monitor
  • Co2 Monitor & Humidity Sensor Integration

High-Flow Altitude Equipment Safety Features

  • Password Protected Altitude Control:
    Our control panel will feature 6-digit password protection, enabling only authorized users to make modifications to time/date/altitude set-points.
  • Low Oxygen Purity Alarm, High Oxygen Purity Alarm, Electrical System Fault:
    If system recognizes abnormal feedback, our system will provide a continuous flow of sea-level (20.9%) air and the system will alarm and then revert to normoxic conditions. The alarm condition will be displayed on the screen. This will be maintained until a qualified technician identifies and rectifies the fault.
  • Safe-Mode:
    If electrical is cut to building or air system, valves automatically revert to providing sea-level air, thereby ensuring the altitude chamber will return to sea-level.
  • Internal-Check:
    If our PLC reads data significantly different than last recorded data set (2 1⁄2 standard deviation), our system automatically will return to Safe Mode.

Background on High Altitude Chamber systems

A High Altitude Chamber is the secret tool used by olympic programs, pro sports teams, and high-end health and wellness facilities worldwide. Often referred to as a hyperbaric chamber or hypobaric chamber, it’s actually a normobaric, hypoxic (low-oxygen) chamber.  The ‘chamber’ can actually be a pre-existing room (that is then well-sealed) or a pre-fabricated chamber made of aluminum framing and vinyl / polycarbonate.  Typically people exercise in these ‘altitude chambers’ but we can also convert rooms for sleeping. 

Altitude Equipment / Chamber Pricing

The cost of a high altitude / hypobaric chamber is dependent on a few main factors including: room volume, number of users, and time to altitude / time between altitudes.

For smaller room conversions or altitude chambers under 15’x15’x8′, clients have the option to use multiple E-100 Altitude Generators
or our commercial grade High-Flow Altitude Equipment. Using the E-100 Altitude Generators is normally the more simple route to go, but provides less control capability, and is not really intended for 24/7 usage. 


On the other hand, the High Flow Equipment is designed for 24/7 usage and comes with both an industrial air compressor which in some cases will require electrical modifications. Generally speaking, we recommed the High Flow Equipment for large chambers, or room conversions, or when there will be many people training at the same time. Each of our Elevate  High Flow equipment is custom built for each project – just let us know your idea and we can provide the proper system based on requirements and budget.

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