Custom Altitude Chamber

Take your training center to another level with a High Altitude Chamber from Mile High Training. No matter the size, shape, or number of users, we can custom build an Altitude Chamber to fit your needs.

We first computer model your chamber to match the appropriate altitude air system and take into account fill times, CO2 buildup and shoot for maximum energy efficiency. Using our Elevate Intelligent Altitude equipment or our E-100 Altitude Generators, we can convert any chamber or existing space to a high altitude facility.

  • Custom built for any size/dimensions/# of users
  • Flow range starts at 200 liters per minute (enough for a small room/up to¬† 4 users) and increases
  • Up to 10,000 liter/minute for larger spaces and a greater number of users (up to 50 or more).
  • Altitude, humidity, hyperoxic (high-oxygen), temperature control options
  • Smartphone/PC Accessible

Just let us know your requirement and Mile High Training can meet it!

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