Personal-Use Altitude Training Equipment

We offer equipment packages with all the required accessories for each of the three altitude training methods:

1.Sleeping at Altitude (with E-100 Hypoxic Generator + Altitude Tent)

2. Altitude Training (with E-100 Hypoxic Generator + Mask)

3. Intermittent Hypoxic Breathing (with E-100 Hypoxic Generator + Mask)

Altitude Training Mask

Altitude Training at Sea-Level!

Train at Altitude with any stationary training device to naturally improve endurance, power and recovery rate!

Training package includes E-100Altitude Air Generator, Altitude Mask, Pulse-Oximeter and Expansion Bag


Sleep at Altitude!

Sleep in our Altitude Tent to enhance performance and acclimate to altitude!

Sleeping package includes E-100Altitude Generator, Altitude Tent, Pulse-Oximeter and Expansion Bag

Altitude Mask Breathing

Train your lungs as you recover!

Intermittent Hypoxic Breathing (stationary intervals) improves endurance and enables acclimatization at home!

Training package includes E-100 Altitude Generator, Mask, Pulse-oximeter and Expansion Bag


Convert your whole bedroom to altitude!

Altitude Bedroom Conversion

Reap the benefits of sleeping at altitude without the use of a tent!