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Altitude Training Mask Package

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Altitude Generator / Hypoxicator Specs & Features

The Altitude Training Mask Package comes with everything needed for both active exercise and Intermittent Hypoxic Breathing (IHB). 

  • Equipment Includes:
  • E-100 Altitude Generator
  • Neoprene Mask Strap
  • Tubing & Air Expansion Bag
  • Fingertip Pulse-Oximeter
  • Training Protocols

The E-100 altitude generator simulates altitudes up to 21,000 ft for sleeping, exercising, or performing intermittent hypoxic training. Our E-100 Altitude Generator / Hypoxicator can be used for individual/ at-home use or multiple Altitude Generators can convert bedrooms or training spaces to altitude.

  • Digital Controls
  • Altitude to 20,000 ft (down to 9.5% oxygen)
  • Delivers 6000 liters/hour at 14% oxygen
  • Delivers 5500 liters/hour at 11.5% oxygen
  • Delivers 2500 liters/hour at 9.6% oxygen
  • Zero annual maintenance costs
  • Dimensions 25′′ high x 16′′ wide x 14′′ deep
  • Weight 66 Lb (30 kg)
  • 2 year limited parts & labor warranty
  • Includes expansion bag for smooth air flow
  • Sound Level 50 dB
  • Power failure and overheat alarms
  • 110v, 5amps, 550w

How it Works:

For at-home use, we send all the equipment via UPS or FedEx directly to your address. All of our packages include all of the equipment you will need for whichever training methods you choose to utilize. Training protocols come standard and we are happy to customize your altitude program depending on your specific trek, race, or fitness goal.

What are the benefits of simulated altitude training?

The benefits vary greatly based on the application, but whether you're an endurance athlete, sprint-based athlete, mountaineer or someone trying to achieve their wellness goals, simulated altitude training takes performance to another level, as proven by the independent research studies below:

Sprint training at Altitude by competitive XC skiers

Effect of training in hypoxica

Hypoxica training improves Team-Sport performance

Application of 'live low-train high'


What's the difference between an 'altitude mask' and the Mile High training mask?

Unlike the "air restriction masks", commonly known as "Training Masks" which only reduce the amount of air you take in, our equipment provides a constant stream of oxygen reduced air. Because our altitude system uses low-oxygen air, we do not restrict your breath but enable you to train at real simulated altitudes, and reduce the oxygen levels in your blood as you sleep or train. This reduction in blood oxygen is the key factor in producing physiological adaptations for enhanced physical performance and acclimatization to altitude.

There is 20.9% oxygen in the air at sea-level; the E-100 Altitude Generator/Hypoxicator removes a select percentage of o2 from the air to simulate a high altitude environment (for example, 15% o2 = 9,000 feet altitude).  Sea-level air is filtered through our equipment into a piece of medical-grade plastic tubing and directly to your mask or altitude tent.

If you are curious to learn more about the difference in Mile High altitude technology and the training masks, please see the article below or run a quick google search - "do training masks simulate high altitude?" (They do not:)



IHB consists of breathing low oxygen air from a stationary position (seated).  Combined with our E-100 Altitude Generator, users can enjoy the benefits of IHB from the comfort of their own homes.

What is Intermittent Hypoxic Breathing used for?

  1. To enhance athletic performance
  2. Acclimate to altitude while at sea-level
  3. Improve a number of wellness challenges including: asthma, type II diabetes, spinal-cord rehabilitation and recovery from congestive heart-failure.


  • Improves endurance performance in cyclists and runners
  • Increases walking capacity in Spinal Cord Injury Patients
  • Enhances lung function in asthmatic athletes
  • Enables acclimatization at sea-level


Improvement in endurance sports performance:

Enables altitude acclimatization at sea-level:

Increases Walking Capacity for Spinal Cord Injury patients:

Additional information


110V (USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan), 220V (Europe, Asia, South America, Australia)

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