Commercial High Flow Altitude Training Systems

Our High-Flow Elevate Altitude Equipment can convert any size training or sleeping space to altitude.

Please see our various options below or contact us for a custom-designed altitude facility.

Frequently Asked Questions for High-Flow Altitude Equipment

1) How much space do I need to set aside for the Elevate Intelligent Altitude system?

A:  The Elevate system consists of 4 main components:

1) Elevate Altitude Air Filtration Cabinet

2) Air Compressor (with tank, filters, air-dryer) 

3) Oxygen Monitor

4) Touch-Screen Control Panel

The air compressor and cabinet need a dedicated space with electrical from which to pipe the air supply lines. Ideally the mechanical room will be at least 10 x 10 x 8 in dimensions.


2) As a customer, what do I need to provide to install a new system?

A: The Elevate High-Flow system requires a specific electrical connection based on the size of the compressor. The air compressor requires

both ducting for intake and heat exhaust outflow. Some of the heat can be used for maintaining temperature in the service room or for heating other parts of the home or facility

compressor and a single wall outlet for our control panel to power from.  

B. In order to convert an existing space to altitude, the Altitude Room is required to be a sealed environment, with all penetrations such as light fixtures, AC ducting, windows and doors needing to be sealed. We will work with your general and mechanical contractors to ensure the room is constructed or modified to ensure the space can be brought to altitude.


3) How long does the order process take?

From the time of the official order to start up, it takes generally 4-6 weeks.  During this time, our engineers will be working with your contractor

to ensure the process is as painless and stress free as possible. After the order is placed, one of our engineers will visit your site to ensure all measurements and project plans are in order for a seamless installation.


4) How long does the actual installation take?

The actual equipment installation will take about 3 days to fully install and test. Testing includes pressure-testing, altitude verification and system training for staff.

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