Environmental / Hypobaric Chamber

Transform your environmental chamber into a high altitude chamber with Mile High Altitude Training Equipment.  If you have an existing testing chamber, add the latest in sports technology. With low-oxygen air, your chamber will become a truly custom environmental chamber.

  • Custom built for any size/dimensions/# of users
  • Flow range starts at 200 liters per minute (enough for a small room/up to  4 users) and increases
  • Up to 10,000liter/minute for larger spaces and a greater number of users (up to 50 or more).
  • Altitude, humidity, hyperoxic (high-oxygen), temperature control options
  • Smartphone/PC Accessible

High-Flow Altitude Equipment Specifications

  • High-Flow Altitude Equipment supplies between 500 to 5,000 Liters per Minute at 10.5% o2
  • Atlas Copco Compressor (10Kw to 75Kw) Included
  • 8” Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • 7-Day Time/Altitude Scheduler with Multi-Stage Safety Alarms
  • Password Protected Altitude Setting/Display Control
  • Zirconium Oxygen Monitor
  • Co2 Monitor Integration

High-Flow Altitude Equipment Safety Features

  • Password Protected Altitude Control:
    Our control panel will feature 6-digit password protection, enabling only authorized users to make modifications to time/date/altitude set-points.
  • Low Oxygen Purity Alarm, High Oxygen Purity Alarm, Electrical System Fault:
    If system recognizes abnormal feedback, our system will provide a continuous flow of sea-level (20.9%) air and the system will alarm and then revert to normoxic conditions. The alarm condition will be displayed on the screen. This will be maintained until a qualified technician identifies and rectifies the fault.
  • Safe-Mode:
    If electrical is cut to building or air system, valves automatically revert to providing sea-level air, thereby ensuring the altitude chamber will return to sea-level.
  • Internal-Check:
    If our PLC reads data significantly different than last recorded data set (2 1⁄2 standard deviation), our system automatically will return to Safe Mode.
Hypobaric Chamber Altitude