Altitude Training Rental Systems

Preparing for a high altitude race or climb? Or just want to test our equipment before you buy? Try Altitude Training today and start with a high altitude rental system.

Mile High Training offers altitude rental equipment starting at $150 a week, and we offer a unique Rent-to-Own program in which you can apply 8 weeks of rental towards the overall purchase price.

Many people traveling to up to altitude from sea-level are not thoroughly prepared and this results in the inevitable struggle to just feel normal.  While some people are ok traveling up to altitudes as high as Aspen, Colorado, others struggle mightily when arriving in Denver.  The reason is that altitude effects everyone differently, regardless of fitness level.  In fact, the bodies’ response to high altitude is primarily determined by genetics.  Point being, you may be a seasoned Ironman athlete in incredible shape, but that doesn’t mean you too won’t succumb to the effects of low oxygen.

Luckily Mile High Training equipment provides a unique solution to dealing with Altitude Sickness. Our low-oxygen air system enables the body to slowly adjust to hypoxia (low oxygen state in the body).  By renting an altitude training system, you expose your body to altitude conditions and can completely PRE-ACCLIMATE before you arrive. If you’re taking a trip to high altitude, don’t risk what thousands experience every year — make Altitude Sickness a thing of the past!

Our altitude tent rentals or altitude mask system rentals are the ideal way to prepare for high altitude races including The Western States 100, Hardrock 100, Leadville 100, UTMB and more.  We provide not only equipment but also custom training protocols to ensure you are acclimated and performance your best come race day. If you’d like more info on how altitude training works and benefits your performance, please check out our science page here:

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