Who We Are

We’re a group of adventure seekers and sports fanatics dedicated to making the highest quality altitude equipment and providing the very best service in this niche industry.  We feel both fortunate and proud to work with pro athletes, research facilities, business owners and all around interesting people doing amazing things. Our team has over 60 years combined experience in sports technology and athletic strength and conditioning and we’d love to put our experience to use for you. 

Who’s training at altitude?

  • Athletes of all levels looking to improve their performance at sea level or at altitude
  • Individuals climbing high altitude peaks concerned with Altitude Sickness
  • Pro Sports Teams (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS)
  • Sports Performance Training Centers 
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Professional Athletes + Weekend Warriors
  • Mountaineers + Guide Companies


Mile High clients

Professional Sports Teams (USA)

  • Atlanta Falcons (NFL)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)
  • Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)
  • New York Jets (NFL)
  • Orlando Magic (NBA)
  • Houston Rockets (NBA)


Athletic Training Facilities


Universities, Training Companies, and Organizations

Client Testimonials

Altitude Training Mask for Basketball Players
altitude mask la clippers

“Our training staff put together one of the best rehab programs I’ve seen, doing simulated game conditioning, high-altitude training and all this crazy stuff,” Griffin said. “I’m actually recovering at a better rate now than I was heading into the season.” – Blake Griffin – NBA All-Star

Altitude Training for Kilimanjaro
“I’m back and we summited! Weather was terrible with howling winds and sleet, but we were climbing during the wrong time of the year.  Supposedly, June – August is way better weather-wise. Honestly, with the weather and altitude, there is no way we could have made it without your altitude tent.  Only 7 people summited that day and the other 5 were “professional climbers”.  That was about a 15% success rate whereas they have more like 50-60% in the dry season.  Pierson and I were the only 2 people in our group to summit and we had some pretty impressive people in our group including an Olympic skier from Brazil. Thanks Mile High!”
Altitude Tent to acclimate to altitude

“It was a great trip and to be honest my cousin and were amongst the best when it came to altitude issues.  We did both take Diamox as well, but as did many others, the clear difference was our high altitude training prior to arrival.  Given that we both live at sea level we performed surprisingly well.  Both had solid blood oxygen and pulse stats all trip long.”
Jon G. – Boston, MA


“We did it! My team and I concluded a very successful summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and are ecstatic to have raised so much for our charity, The Rich Center for Autism. Our 3 team members that used your equipment all faired far better than the rest of the group. While four or five others experienced significant headaches and fatigue, the three of us never dealt with the light-headedness or nausea we were all expecting. We’re very thankful we got to enjoy our summit day altitude sickness-free!
David R. – Youngstown, OH

Altitude Tent for Kilimanjaro

When I decided to rent with your company, I considered all possible options and I concluded that Mile High would provide the highest level of service and best preparation for my trek to Kilimanjaro. This trip was a lifelong dream for my daughter and I, so we took every step we could to make sure we would succeed. We summited February 2nd, 2019 at 9:14 in the morning and it was truly a memory we will never forget. Considering we had no altitude issues while much of the group did, I’m very happy I made the investment to ensure altitude wouldn’t be something that could derail our adventure. Thanks a ton!

Dr. Grant M. – Temecula, CA

Altitude-Training-NBA-Basketball-Dwayne Wade
Pro Boxer training at altitude

UFC Champ Chris Weidman

               Champion Boxer Marcus Browne