Next Level Re-Conditioning

Proven Benefits of Altitude Rehab

  • Maintain / Increase cardio fitness during injury
  • Maximize aerobic output while minimizing physical stress
  • Re-condition faster than sea-level training

Why Altitude Rehab? How does it work?

Altitude Rehab consists of Exercising or performing IHB during the rehab process.  While many athletes struggle to get back into shape after injury, Altitude Rehab accelerates the re-conditioning process, providing maximum aerobic benefit while minimizing impact and stress on the body.  Altitude Rehab can be performed with any stationary training equipment or simply through IHB breathing.

Anti-Gravity Altitude Training

A new trend among professional sports teams and physical therapy centers is to use altitude in conjunction with the Alter-G treadmill (  This novel approach – we like to call Anti-Gravity Altitude Training -takes low impact training to the next level.  With this technology, athletes and trainers alike can run or walk with nearly no impact but still receive a fantastic cardiovascular workout.

By accelerating the re-conditioning process, athletes can focus exclusively on their sport-specific skills without worrying about getting back in “game-shape.”

Case Study – U.S. Olympic Distance Runner Dathan Ritzenhein:

Who uses Altitude Training for Rebab?

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