Altitude Tent Package

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  • E-100 Altitude Generator
  • Altitude Tent Canopy
  • Fingertip Pulse-Oximeter
  • Tubing and Expansion Bag
  • Sleeping Protocols custom designed for sports and mountaineering


For more info and research regarding the benefits of Sleeping at Altitude, please click here


Sleeping in an Altitude Tent – What’s an Altitude Tent and what are the benefits?

Sleeping at Altitude, or “Living High, Training Low” is the most widely used technique for pre-acclimatization and improving endurance sports performance. Combined with our low-oxygen air generator, our altitude tent / altitude canopy enables individuals to sleep at simulated altitude at home. This training technique has now been used within elite sport for over a decade, and is widely considered to be the most effective and perhaps the only way to effectively pre-acclimatize to altitude.

Altitude Tent Package – What’s Included?

  • E-100 Altitude Generator
  • Single or Two-User Altitude Canopy
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Custom Climbing/Mountaineering Training Protocol
  • Everything you need to Sleep at Altitude, no add-ons required!

Benefits of Sleeping at Altitude (see research links below and here)

  • Increased Red Blood Cell (RBC) count
  • Improved aerobic performance
  • Improved endurance and stamina
  • Increased exercise til exhaustion (ETE)
  • Improved vo2 max

History of Altitude Training and Altitude Tents

Following the 68′ Olympic Games in Mexico City, numerous American track athletes went on to break American running records. Realizing the only difference in their training was their prolonged altitude exposure, sports researchers looked to portable oxygen concentrators as a way to use the low oxygen air being filtered from the machine to simulate high altitude conditions.  After confirming that blood oxygen levels (Spo2) decreased in the same way as real altitude, researchers then used these oxygen concentrators in conjunction with well- sealed canopies to develop the first altitude tents. Since that time, sleeping at altitude in an altitude tent has become a popular training technique for elite and professional athletes from nearly every sport. Mile High Training continues to be at the forefront of altitude technology and is consistently updating and improving equipment to deliver the very best quality, highest performing equipment available in the marketplace today.

Sleeping at simulated altitude involves sustained exposure to hypoxia (low-oxygen air) at night with physical training sessions at sea-level during the day. The goal of sleeping at altitude is to lower blood oxygen levels below 94% in order to trigger the production of Red Blood Cells (RBC) and hemoglobin. By gradually increasing the altitude setting on the machine, individuals can adjust the body to high altitudes and slowly build resistance to low blood oxygen levels.  Typically individuals will start with the altitude generator around 5,000ft. and slowly increase the altitude approximately 1,000ft every 3-5 days. Most athletes usually sleep no higher than 10,000ft, while mountaineers or anyone preparing for a high altitude hike may sleep up to and beyond 12,000ft, depending on how long they are using or renting the altitude equipment.

Using a high altitude tent avoids inherent problems associated with permanent residence at altitude such as limited training load in oxygen deficient air, muscle loss, immune system suppression, advanced dehydration and excessive fatigue. Through the use of Mile High Training’s altitude canopy and Altitude Bedroom conversion, individuals can safely and effectively take advantage of “Sleeping High” and “Training Low.”

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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 in

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