Benefits of a Home Oxygenation System

  • Convert any existing space or entire home to a sea-level environment.
  • Custom engineered oxygen enrichment equipment (based on total room volumes)
  • Decrease susceptibility to altitude sickness and improve Sleep Quality!
  • Speed up acclimatization process when arriving at altitude.
  • Provide a safe space for guests to slowly acclimate upon arrival.
  • Dedicated space to treat altitude sickness for those who had a long day climbing / skiing / boarding.

How we simulate sea-level with oxygen-rich air

PURPOSE: If you’re looking to simulate sea-level but your home is at altitude, we have the solution for you. By adding a higher concentration of oxygen into the air, we can bring any high altitude space back down to sea-level. Our high oxygen rooms provide a safe space for those dealing with altitude issues such as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), fatigue, headaches etc. to relax while recovering from a long day in the mountains. By adding high-oxygen air to the room, our system simulates sea-level air, thereby providing an escape from the high altitude environment.

WHO CAN BENEFIT: Our Oxygen Enrichment systems are ideal for those with high altitude country homes or for hotels and resorts that cater to sea-level residents coming to high altitudes for skiing and other adventures.

WHAT TYPES OF SPACES? We can convert literally any size space to a high-oxygen, sea-level environment.  We can provide multiple control panels so that each room can be independently controlled, or we can supply one touch-screen panel that can control all the different rooms in the home.

WHAT TYPE OF EQUIPMENT: We provide multiple equipment options for home oxygenation depending on the volume of the space. We can either pair multiple E-100 Altitude Generators, an E-600, or for larger bedrooms or when converting multiple rooms we utilize our commercial-grade Elevate High-Flow equipment. The requirements and installation process is nearly identical to the that of a low-oxygen room conversion.  The compressors will require power and a dedicated space, piping will be ran to each room, and heating/AC will need to be accounted for. We’re happy to work with and advise builders, architects, general and mechanical contractors on the specific requirements for this type of installation.

High-Flow Home Oxygenation Cabinet
Multiple E-100 Home Oxygenation with 3-way valve

Research Studies


“There was a lower acute mountain sickness score during the morning after oxygen-enriched sleep. Installing an oxygen-enriched room at high altitude is relatively simple and inexpensive, and shows promise for improving well-being of both commuters and residents.”



“Significantly more time was spent in deep sleep with oxygen enriched than ambient air. Installing an oxygen-enriched room at high altitude is relatively simple and inexpensive, and there will be a promise for improving sleep quality, well-being, and work capacity.”


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