Home Oxygenation Systems

Oxygen Control Equipment to Simulate Sea-Level

  • We can convert bedrooms, offices, workout spaces to a higher o2 environment
  • Turnkey Installation and 24/7 equipment monitoring
  • Custom engineered oxygen enrichment equipment (based on total room volumes)
  • Leading industrial-grade controls and numerous safety features
  • Decrease susceptibility to altitude sickness and improve Sleep Quality!
  • Speed up acclimatization process when arriving at altitude.
  • Provide a safe space for guests to slowly acclimate upon arrival.
  • Dedicated space to treat altitude sickness for those who had a long day climbing / skiing / boarding.

How we simulate sea-level with oxygen-rich air

THE ISSUE WITH ALTITUDE: If you love living or spending time in the mountains but struggle with the altitude, we have the solution for you. By adding a higher concentration of oxygen into the air, we can bring any high altitude space back down to sea-level.

Our high oxygen rooms make living at altitude possible for those that suffer from inadequate oxygen supply, and can substantially negate the affects of altitude sickness including fatigue, headaches, nausea etc. By adding high-oxygen air to the room, our system simulates sea-level air, thereby providing an escape from the high altitude environment.

WHO CAN BENEFIT: Our Oxygen Enrichment systems are ideal for those with high altitude country homes or for hotels and resorts that cater to sea-level residents coming to high altitudes for skiing and other adventures.

WHAT TYPES OF SPACES? We can convert literally any size space to a high-oxygen, sea-level environment.  We can provide multiple control panels so that each room can be independently controlled, or we can supply one touch-screen panel that can control all the different rooms in the home.

WHAT TYPE OF EQUIPMENT: We provide multiple equipment options for home oxygenation depending on the volume of the space. We can either pair multiple E-100 Altitude Generators or for larger bedrooms or when converting multiple rooms we utilize our commercial-grade Elevate High-Flow equipment. We have developed the most advanced and reliable industrial-grade controls, ensuring homeowners their oxygen system operates anytime o2 is needed!


Mile High is the only company to provide a fully turnkey installation. This includes sealing the rooms, ensuring adequate electrical supply for the oxygen compressors, running air delivery piping and ensuring proper equipment ventilation. The placement and ventilation of the equipment is the most important part of a reliable oxygen system, and Mile High Training are the experts in this specific aspect of equipment installation.

WHO WE WORK WITH: Homeowners, General contractors, home builders, architects, property managers and mechanical and HVAC folks. We are happy to work with existing teams on site, or provide the expertise for the various trades as needed.

High-Flow Oxygenation System
Multiple Air Generators Setup for small to medium-sized rooms

Research Studies


“There was a lower acute mountain sickness score during the morning after oxygen-enriched sleep. Installing an oxygen-enriched room at high altitude is relatively simple and inexpensive, and shows promise for improving well-being of both commuters and residents.”



“Significantly more time was spent in deep sleep with oxygen enriched than ambient air. Installing an oxygen-enriched room at high altitude is relatively simple and inexpensive, and there will be a promise for improving sleep quality, well-being, and work capacity.”


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