High Altitude Sleep and Exercise Systems for Horses

We specialize in converting equine stalls and treadmills to high altitudes.

Each system is custom built  to client requirements, so please get in touch to provide project details.

What We Do & Why it Works
  • We can convert existing stalls and make custom enclosures around treadmills
  • We provide custom High-Flow Altitude Equipment for each project that ensures absolute safety via 24/7 online / remote monitoring
  • Altitude Training is one of the only legal ways to naturally enhance equine speed and endurance (see research below)
  • Studies prove that equine adapt to low oxygen just like humans, and unlock significant performance benefits
Equine Altitude Chamber
Why Does Altitude Improve Equine Performance?
  • Altitude Training provides a cardiovascular stimulus for equine that increases endurance capacity and peak power output.
  • Altitude Training can be used as a re-conditioning tool for equine that are undergoing the rehabilitation process.
  • Altitude Training can be used for healthy equine to train at a higher intensity with less wear and tear, thereby preventing unnecessary injuries due to overtraining.
Altitude Chamber Compressor
Please get in touch to discuss your custom application!

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