Why Train Equine at Altitude?
  • Altitude Training is one of the only legal ways to naturally enhance equine speed and endurance
  • We can convert existing stalls or make custom enclosures around treadmills or sleeping quarters
  • Studies prove that equine adapt to low oxygen in a manner similar to humans, thus enabling performance benefits
Equine Altitude Chamber
Why Does Altitude Improve Equine Performance?
  • Altitude Training provides a cardiovascular stimulus for equine that increases endurance capacity and peak power output.
  • Altitude Training can be used as a re-conditioning tool for equine that are undergoing the rehabilitation process.
  • Altitude Training can be used for healthy equine to train at a higher intensity with less wear and tear, thereby preventing unnecessary injuries due to overtraining.
Altitude Training for Horse
Altitude Training Equine Treadmill

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