E-100 Altitude Generator

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E-100 Altitude Generator

The Mile High Training E-100 altitude generator simulates altitudes up to 21,000 ft for sleeping, exercising, or performing intermittent hypoxic training. Also known as a hypoxicator, this machine extracts oxygen from the air to simulate altitude. Multiple generators can also be used to convert bedrooms or training spaces to altitude. 2-year Warranty Included.

  • Delivers 6000 liters/hour at 14% o2
  • Delivers 2500 liters/hour at 9.6% o2
  • Zero annual maintenance costs
  • Dimensions 25′′x16′’x14′′(H x W x D)
  • Weight 66 lb (30 kg)
  • Sound Level 50 dB

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110V (USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan), 220V (Europe, Asia, South America, Australia)