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The Mile High Training Altitude Tent Canopy is a small enclosure that allows you to sleep at high altitudes without the heat and humidity associated with traditional altitude tents. The small size and unique design helps keep you cool and comfortable at night, and is a superior option when sleeping with a partner.

Simply pair the Altitude Tent Canopy with the E-100 Altitude Generator, plug the tubing into the back of the tent, and within minutes you’ll be at your pre-determined altitude setting.

  • Simulate High Altitudes for sports or mountaineering
  • No heat buildup within Altitude Tent Canopy
  • No co2 buildup within Altitude Tent Canopy
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • 1/2 the price of a traditional tent
  • Dimensions: 34″ x 22″ x 22″
  • Weight: 13lbs

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