Imagine you have or buy a property in the mountains at a high altitude. Unless you spend significant time there, it may be a struggle to go to said property due to the intense effects of being at altitude for an extended period of time. Thankfully, we here at Mile High Training offer a solution. Mile High Training can help you make that dream of avoiding altitude sickness at your high-altitude home or vacation home a reality.

How so you ask? We now offer custom designed and built home oxygenation to bring the kind of oxygen you would find at sea level to offset the myriad of problems that come with altitude sickness. Oxygenating homes at high altitudes can be beneficial to health due to several factors. Below are some reasons why oxygenating your property will be beneficial to your health.   .

Increased oxygen levels:

Oxygenating homes at high altitudes can increase the level of oxygen in the air that people breathe. At high altitudes, air contains less oxygen, which can cause shortness of breath, fatigue, and other symptoms. By increasing the level of oxygen in the air within the property, owners can breathe more easily and feel more energized.

Improved sleep:

Oxygenating homes can also improve sleep quality. At high altitudes, the air is thinner and contains less oxygen, which can lead to disrupted sleep and insomnia. *Link to study By increasing the level of oxygen in the air, people can sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Reduced risk of altitude sickness:

Altitude sickness is a medical condition that can occur when people travel to high altitudes too quickly. Symptoms of altitude sickness include headache, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Oxygenating homes can reduce the risk of altitude sickness by providing a higher level of oxygen in the air, which helps the body adjust to the altitude more quickly. *Cite and link to study or website

Improved cognitive function:

Research has shown that oxygenating homes at altitude can improve cognitive function. The brain requires oxygen to function properly, and a lack of oxygen can impair cognitive performance. By increasing the level of oxygen in the air, people may experience improved memory, attention, and other cognitive functions.

Easier on the Elderly

Mile High Training’s custom oxygenation installations can also benefit elderly people with cardiac, and respiratory issues or that are prone to altitude sickness. Oxygenating homes can simulate low-altitude conditions, allowing elderly homeowners to live in a more oxygen-rich environment and experience less stress on multiple body systems.

In conclusion,

Oxygenating either permanent or vacation homes at high altitudes can be beneficial to health in several ways. it improves sleep quality, reduces the risk of altitude sickness, improves cognitive function, and prevents additional bodily stressors on the homeowner.


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