Why Altitude Training for Equine?

Altitude Training is one of the only legal ways to naturally enhance both endurance performance and   power.  While this training methodology normally is used by elite athletes, studies show that equine also benefit from exposure to low-oxygen air.


How Does Altitude Training for Equine Work?

Equine can either sleep at altitude in a converted stall or can train at altitude on a treadmill within an enclosure such as an altitude chamber or converted altitude room.

Our specialists construct altitude chambers or rooms of any size or dimensions to fit the needs of owners / trainers.

How can altitude training be applied to equine?

  1. Altitude Training provides a cardiovascular stimulus for equine that increases endurance capacity and peak power output.
  2. Altitude Training can be used as a re-conditioning tool for equine that are undergoing the rehabilitation process.
  3. Altitude Training can be used for healthy equine to train at a higher intensity with less wear and tear, thereby preventing unnecessary injuries due to overtraining.
Equine Altitude Chamber
Altitude Training for Horse
Altitude Training Equine Treadmill