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High Altitude Fitness Facility Conversion

Altitude Room/Training Space Conversions

Convert your bedroom, pain cave, home gym or public training facility to a high altitude environment! Our EleVate Altitude Equipment can convert nearly any size space to a custom altitude room. Providing flow rates of up to 5,000 liters/minute of low-oxygen air, we provide the ability for up to 50 individuals to train at altitude within the same space. The altitude room is constantly monitored by a two-way feedback system with multiple safety redundancies to ensure the altitude room is always held within .1% of the intended oxygen set-point.

How we create a high altitude room / altitude chamber / hypobaric chamber –

Our team first provides a feasibility assessment of the space; we then calculate air-flow requirements based on the volume and number of users.  We then take into account other personalized requirements such as time to peak altitude, time between different altitudes, hyperoxic (high-oxygen) capability and co2 levels.

Our High-Flow Elevate equipment is engineered to operate at higher pressures than competitor systems, thereby enabling higher flow rates and greater ability to change the altitude environment. This is especially useful for group/class fitness in which each training session has different altitude requirements.

Interested in learning about how high altitude can improve your performance, please check out our science section – – this section provides links to research articles detailing the many benefits of altitude training for both sea-level performance, acclimatization to altitude, and overall health and wellness.

Altitude Room Requirements


The air conditioning for any altitude room must be a closed-loop “Split” system. The required AC system is based on the volume of the room/training space and the number of users in the room at the same time. We provide specifications to an HVAC contractor and they determine the required load or flow rate required to ensure the room can be maintained at a given temperature.  The A/C system must be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Heating can be electric, or under-floor (radiant), but cannot involve vented air in the altitude room.


There are several lighting options available. All lighting options including “canned lights” are available, however special care must be taken to ensure there are no gaps/leakage points.


All doors must be sealed around the frame. We provide specifications to contractors for both materials used to construct and seal all doorway apertures.


Although small, the outlets are a common place where the environment can leak. If placed on the wall or in the floor, we must ensure they are sealed.


The flooring can be made of many materials, the best being concrete. If floors are constructed of floating unsealed wood, the flooring must have a sealant placed on the surface to ensure all


If installing a custom room, you must use a solid ceiling type. Drop ceilings cannot be used as they allow large leakage levels.

Types of Altitude Room Conversions

  • Bedrooms
  • Sports Performance Centers
  • Fitness Gyms
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Pain Caves
  • Spin Studios
  • Yoga / Pilates Studios
  • Weight Rooms
  • Military Barracks
  • Bedrooms / Dormitories
  • Endurance Training Facilities
  • Equine Altitude Training/Sleeping Stalls

Technical Specifications – Elevate High-Flow Altitude Equipment

  • Low-Oxygen Air System supplies between 500 -5,000 Liters per Minute at 10.5% o2
  • Atlas Copco Compressor (10Kw to 75Kw) Included
  • 8” Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • 7-Day Time/Altitude Scheduler with Multi-Stage Safety Alarms
  • Password Protected Altitude Setting/Display Control
  • Zirconium Oxygen Monitor
  • Co2 Monitor Integration

Safety Features

  • Password Protected Altitude Control:
    Our control panel will feature 6-digit password protection, enabling only authorized users to make modifications to time/date/altitude set-points.
  • Low Oxygen Purity Alarm, High Oxygen Purity Alarm, Electrical System Fault:
    If system recognizes abnormal feedback, our system will provide a continuous flow of sea-level (20.9%) air and the system will alarm and then revert to normoxic conditions. The alarm condition will be displayed on the screen. This will be maintained until a qualified technician identifies and rectifies the fault.
  • Safe-Mode:
    If electrical is cut to building or air system, valves automatically revert to providing sea-level air, thereby ensuring the altitude chamber will return to sea-level.
  • Internal-Check:
    If our PLC reads data significantly different than last recorded data set (2 1⁄2 standard deviation), our system automatically will return to Safe Mode.
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