Altitude Room Conversion – Any Size, Any Space!

Convert your sleeping or training space to an altitude room conversion! EleVate Intelligent Altitude Equipment can convert nearly any size space to a custom altitude room.  Instead of using an altitude mask, we make entire training spaces altitude rooms.  As a result, you can sleep or train in total comfort.

Our team first provides a feasibility assessment of the space; we then calculate air-flow requirements based on the volume and number of users.  We then take into account other personalized requirements such as time to peak altitude, time between different altitudes, hyperoxic (high-oxygen) capability and co2 levels.

Our Intelligent Elevate altitude equipment provides sufficient air to flush co2 from the altitude environment, and continuously monitors the environment and provides air only when you needed, saving hundreds, even thousands in energy costs.

Interested in learning about how high altitude can improve your performance, please check out our science section – – this section provides links to research articles detailing the many benefits of altitude training for both sea-level performance, acclimatization to altitude, and overall health and wellness.

We convert the following spaces to complete altitude room conversions:

  • Spin Rooms
  • Yoga / Pilates Studios
  • Weight Rooms
  • Military Barracks
  • Bedrooms / Dormitories
  • Endurance Training Facilities
Altitude Room Conversion

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